Welcome to Empath!!

Wow what an amazing journey this has been! It has been in our hearts and on our minds for years to offer a level of specialized and personal care that we hadn't quite seen elsewhere. Many of us, in some manner, whether personally or by way of a family member or friend, have a connected relationship to the world of mental health and the care that is readily available. Often times that care can seem like it is lacking pieces or elements that could help it be more effective for those people in our lives that are utilizing it. Mental health care should be empathetic, nurturing, progressive, competent and compassionate.  Our model is built upon these principals of care. We are so thrilled to be opening Empath Healing and Wellness and bringing compassionate comprehensive care to you. Following a combined 15 years in client and patient care we have gathered the elements that we feel will support you through your journey of care and emotional balance. 

We are now welcoming new clients to begin their journey with us!! If we can be of service to you or someone you know please reach out to us!

We are located central to the Salt Lake City area in the lovely and ever growing Sugarhouse neighborhood just a few blocks from the freeway entrance allowing for great accessibility for clients near or far!

Read a bit more about us below...

An Empath is a person who has the unique and intuitive ability to connect with the experiences of others…

Evolving ones life to a place of emotional balance, satisfaction and fulfillment is a very personal journey and experience. As a clinician I have always been honored to be invited into my client's journeys toward healing. Throughout my years as a clinician I have found a great passion for connecting with the experiences of my clients and being present with them as they heal, evolve and grow into a space that aligns with the life they want. I have found that beyond just the use of clinical training, skill and abilities is a tool that truly helps carry individuals further on their journey.  This tool is empathy and it allows a clinician to connect with their client on a level that truly leads to the healing and balance they so desire.

Empath Healing and Wellness, L.L.C. is a welcoming space that honors your process and your goals. We humbly join you in your journey and desire for change and will remain engaged with you throughout this experience. We pride ourselves in being present, available and mindful practitioners with the care of our clients and patients in the forefront of all we do.