5 facts about Nutritional Psychology!

5 facts about Nutritional Psychology!!

  • Nutritional Psychology is the science of how nutrients affect mood and behavior.
  • A goal within the world of nutritional psychology is to support people in understanding how nutrients can impact their mood, mental health, stress and more.
  • It is not ALL or NOTHING. Making small changes and modifications to your nutrition and eating behaviors can result in positive changes.
  • Poor diet and nutrition may be impacting your symptoms and lead to misdiagnosis. Nutritional Psychology aims to explore this and reduce the possibility of a misdiagnosis.
  • There is still room to eat for pleasure within the framework of nutritional recommendations. You do not have to give up that weekly indulgence to subscribe to a lifestyle geared toward eating for ideal mental health and clarity!

Nutritional Psychology is an amazing tool within the world of mental health treatment and exploration. Nutrition and the foods you eat are an everyday part of life. Our hope is that they can offer you the most benefit possible!

Melanie D. Davis, MS, LCMHC, NCC

Clinical Director | Psychotherapist