Individual Counseling

Individual therapy involves working one-on-one with a therapist to reach your personally defined goals. Empath Healing and Wellness offers a peaceful environment where clients of all ages can feel comfortable and safe to heal, grow and reach their goals with the support of our compassionate providers.

Often ongoing psychotherapy is a useful means of self-growth and exploration. It allows individuals to identify barriers that may limit a persons abilities to achieve the joy, fulfillment, positive self-esteem and happiness they seek in life.

Individual Counseling may benefit those struggling with: 

Depression - Anxiety - Family of Origin Difficulties - Abuse - Addictions - Trauma, Difficulties in Relationships - Grief - Life Transitions - Parenting - Divorce or Separation - Work Difficulties - Low Self-Esteem - Low Motivation and more.

Benefits of Individual Therapy : 

Learn Healthy Coping Skills - Improve Self -Esteem - Increase Insight - Improve Relationships - Make Life Changes - Gain Perspective and Balance - Heal From Abuse - Trauma and Grief - Break Addictions - Increase Motivation and Direction - Learn Parenting Skills - Improve Communication Skills and more.