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Medication Management

Empath offers psychiatric medication management by a Licensed Physicians Assistant specializing in Adult Psychiatry who is available to help you along your path to health, wellness and happiness. Together you will discuss personal and health-related concerns, attempt to accurately determine or clarify a diagnosis and discuss possible options for treatment through the use of medications

Our objective is to develop a treatment plan that includes proper medications, individual therapy if needed as well as a discussion on necessary lifestyle changes and complimentary healing modalities that may assist you in meeting your goals.

Psychiatric medication management is good for individuals who feel they suffer from symptoms associated with ADHD/ADD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, OCD, PTSD and Sleep Disorders.

Psychiatric Evaluation During an initial psychiatric assessment consultation the psychiatric practitioner will review medication history, allergies, medical issues, current symptoms, length and severity of symptoms, family history, social history, substance abuse history, mental status and other questions to develop a full understanding of how the problem affects you.  Based on the most recent research and DSM-5 criteria, the practitioner will discuss possible diagnosis and determine if medication may be helpful, and make recommendations for the proper type of medication.

Medication Management Regular follow-up is essential to assure that the medication has its desired effect. Often medication needs to be adjusted to make sure that the right type and dosage is being used.  Additionally, other medications or combinations of medications may be recommended with ongoing assessment.  Therefore, it is mandatory that the patient followup monthly for the first 3 months. As a general rule no medication refills will be provided without an appointment (except in rare occasions).  We will not provide refills by fax or phone.

Continuing therapy is critical to assessing the appropriate course of your treatment, and your psychiatric practitioner will collaborate closely with your therapist over the course of your treatment.  As a result, all clients seeing our psychiatric staff must also continue in therapy.


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