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Nutrition and Lifestyle Wellness Counseling

Utlizing the fundamentals of Nutritional Psychology and the understanding of eating behaviors, Empath has designed a counseling program geared toward the individual who is seeking to directly improve their emotional and physical wellness through adopting healthy thoughts and behaviors surrounding food and lifestyle.

In this six to twelve week program Empath Healing and Wellness will support you in exploring your goals, thinking patterns and development of strategies to overcome obstacles. The end goal is to provide you with lasting tools and improve cognitive and behavioral approaches for the betterment of your mood and overall wellness. 

Nutrition and Emotional Wellness Counseling may benefit those struggling with: 

Depression - Anxiety - Fatigue - Excess Weight Unstable Mood - Balanced Eating - Feeling in Control - Unhealthy Relationship With Food - Emotional Eating - Eating Disorders and more. 


Benefits of Nutrition and Emotional Wellness Counseling:

Learn Healthy Coping Skills - Improve Self -Esteem - Increase Insight - Make Life Changes - Gain Perspective and Balance - Break Addictions - Increase Motivation and Direction and more. 

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