Initial intake assessment $175.00

Traditional counseling sessions (per clinical hour) $150.00

Consultations by phone are billed in 15 minute increments and are billed at the same rate as traditional counseling session rates.

Please Note: A clinical hour is 45 minutes.



Medication managment

Initial new patient psychiatric assessment consultation (between 45 min to 1 hour) - $180.00

Medication management followup care (between 15 min to 25 min) - $90.00

Consultations by phone (per 15 min) - $25.00 

Additional administrative services (including disability paperwork, preauthorizations, work releases, official letters, etc.) - $25.00

Please Note: Medication medication management services will be billed separately from counseling services.



Empath Healing and Wellness does not directly bill insurance companies but we can provide you with the paperwork  you need to seek reimbursement. Other than direct insurance coverage, another avenue of reimbursement is going through out-of-network benefits. Many people have this weaved into their benefit plan without their knowledge. An out-of-network plan means that your insurance company will fully or partially reimburse for care outside their network of health care providers.


Empath Healing and Wellness, L.L.C. offers high-quality and professional psychotherapy for adults, adolescents, couples and families. In addition we also offer Medication Management to allow for comprehensive and convenient care for our adult cleintele. 



In order to provide a professional service and setting as well as avoid disrupting treatment that may impact either you or other patients, we have instituted a necessary policy relating to cancellations. This policy is set forth in full in the client agreement that you will be required to sign. Because your provider has committed a specific time to your session, our policy is to charge the full fee for late cancellations or missed appointments.  We require 24-hour notice if you intend to cancel or move your appointment to another day to avoid being charged the full cost of your appointment. All new patients are required to provide a valid credit card number in order to schedule an appointment. No charges will be applied to your credit card unless you miss or cancel your appointment without proper notice according to our cancellation policy.