Adolescent and Teen Counseling

Therapy services for adolescents vary but all include the use of proven treatments to address issues like anxiety, depression, ADD, family conflict or relationship issues. Clients learn how to recognize thoughts and feelings that are driving their current symptoms and develop coping skills and strategies to overcome these obstacles. Many of the techniques are based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which teaches teens to observe how their thoughts lead to unwanted behavior and ultimately to problematic symptoms.

Adolescent and Teen Counseling may benefit those struggling with: 

Low Self-Esteem - Social Conflict - Isolation -Communication - Depression - Anxiety - Family of Origin Difficulties - Abuse - Addictions - Trauma - Difficulties in Relationships - Grief - Life Transitions - Parenting - Divorce or Separation - Work Difficulties - Low Self-Esteem - Low Motivation - Peer Issues - Family Issues - Self Harm - School Stress - Anger Management - Drastic Negative Changes and more.

Benefits of Adolecent and Teen Counseling: 

Learn Healthy Coping Skills - Improve Self -Esteem - Increase Insight - Improve Relationships - Make Life Changes - Gain Perspective and Balance - Heal From Abuse, Trauma and Grief - Break Addictions - Increase Motivation and Direction - Learn Parenting Skills - Improve Communication Skills and more.